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Amend your saddle advert FREE

Amending your saddle advert is FREE, as often as you want. You can change the price, the description, change the photo - anything you want. When you make any changes to your advert it moves to the top of our listings to show people that it is fresh.

You just need to login with the username and password that you set when you placed the advert. These would also have been emailed to you at that time.

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Advertise your saddle

You can amend your saddle advert any time you want, free of charge, by completing the form on this page. When you amend your advert it will be moved to the top of our listings to show people that it is fresh.

Simply change anything you want. Please note - you can't include a link to a website.

Saddle Photo

To CHANGE the existing photo just click the "Browse..." button to select your saddle's photo on your computer. It doesn't matter what size your photo is - the bigger the better - as it will be automatically resized. Just make sure it's not over 5Mb

If you want to KEEP THE EXISTING photo - DON'T "Browse..." to select one and your existing photo will remain the same.


Your email address does not appear in your horse advert. It is only used by us to send you a confirmation email.

Your email address will not be given to anyone - ever!

Your name does not appear in your saddle for sale listing but you can add it into the description if you want.

Please read all the instructions carefully!

Amend your
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